The Ohio Chapter ISA Board is here for you.  If you have a question, request or suggestion, please feel free to contact us.

President Steve Schneider
Vice President Scott Conover
 Tom Munn
Secretary Dixie Russell

José Fernández
Andy Freeman
Brian Goodall
Frank McGraw
Kodi Riedel
Zack Shier
Sue Mottl - Past President

Ohio Chapter ISA
P.O. Box 267
Baltimore, OH 43105-9888
Phone:  (614) 771-7494
Email:  info@ohiochapterisa.org
Executive Director:  Dixie Russell, CAE CMP
Assistant Director:  Jennifer Clegg

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others, it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.  The Chapter has numerous opportunities that can assist you and your career in establishing strong relationships and gives you a sense of purpose.

If you have an interest in volunteering for any of these committees, please reach out to the Chapter at (614) 771-7494 or email info@ohiochapterisa.org.


Education/Public Outreach Committee

Marketing Committee

Membership Committee

Ohio Tree Care Conference Committee (OTCC)

Ohio Tree Climbing Championship Committee (Ohio TCC)

Safety & Risk Management Sub-Committee

Workforce Development Subcommittee

2022 Sue Mottl
2021 Virginia Bowman
2020 Dave Bienemann
2019 Tyler Stevenson
2018 Eric Davis
2017 Ernie Brinker
2016 Richard Rathjens
2015 Shirley Vaughn
2014 Peter (Joe) Russell
2013 Gerald Western
2012 Katrina Schnobrick
2011 T. Davis Sydnor*
2010 John Butcher
2009 Lana Ahlum
2007-09 Al Shauck
2006-07 Janet Hoenigman
2004-05 Shelley Buettner
2002-03 Jennifer Gulick
2000-01 Richard Jones*
1998-99 Alan Siewert
1996-97 Alan Klonowski
1995 Ward Peterson
1994 Andrew Todd
1993 Thomas J. Mugridge
1992 Elton Smith
1991 Sharon Lilly
1990 David Ahlum*
1989 Donald Vest*
1988 Ann Miller
1987 David Snyder*
1986 Lauren Lanphear
1985 Joe Rimelspach
1984 William C. Fitch
1983 Wayne Randall*
1982 Bruce Roberts
1981 James Carter
1980 Richard Woods
1979 Fred Hower
1978 Ralph Veverka*
1977 Blair E. Caplinger*
1976 Charles L. Wilson
1975 William H. Collins
1974 L. N. "Jack” Brown
1973 Kenneth H. Funk*
1972 Alex Wynstra, Jr.
1971 Henry W. "Gil” Gilbertson
1970 Lawrence Holkenborg
1969 Bernard "Bud” Swisher
1968 T. D. Nell
1967 Harold C. Simon
1966 James D. Dacey
1965 Harold Metzger
1964 M. W. "Biff” Staples
1963 George W. Kase*
1962 John Mickalko
1961 Joseph O. Edgerly
1960 S. Clyde Gordon
1959 W. P. "Bill” Lanphear*
1958 Edwin E. Irish*
1957 Frank Lancaster
1956 J. Melvin Easterday
1955 Theodore Parke
1954 Sidney McNeal*
1953 Walter Bender
1952 Everett A. "Sandy” Sanford*
1951 D. D. "Dan” Quinn
1950 Edward Scanlon*
1949 John C. Lanphear
1948 C. B. "Charlie” Cavanaugh
1947 Karl Kuemmerling*
1942-46 S. W. "Sam” Parmenter*

* According to our records, this individual is deceased.  Please notify the Ohio Chapter with updates. (info@ohiochapterisa.org)