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John Palmer – Lakewood, OH

Email: / Phone: (440) 227-8158

John Palmer is a Consulting Arborist, ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, and is an advanced Tree Risk Assessor. His areas of expertise include pruning and trimming, young tree training, pest ID and management, with a specialty in Emerald Ash Borer. He is an Arborjet-trained Injection specialist, with training in Arborceuticals. His focus includes proper pruning and planting practices, Biomechanics, soil and water management, urban forestry, tree biology, and healthy root system development.

He is an author, speaker, and trainer, on subjects including The Future of Urban Forestry, Deforestation by Design™, The New Construction Paradigm, and The Leadership Laws of Nature. He has spoken to the construction industry, advanced high school science classes, municipal forestry departments, garden clubs, home and garden shows, and at national arborist conventions. He’s been featured in news and magazine articles, and in radio and TV segments, and has had a regular social media presence with tips and advice for nearly 10 years.

Previously John had a very successful 20-year career in radio. He can comfortably speak to any size group, making sure he is both understood and entertaining. He proudly embraces the title of Tree Nerd and is very determined to help people understand the difference between a tree doctor and a tree undertaker!

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