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Specialty License Plate Now Available

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License Plate

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It doesn’t matter when your personal plate is up for renewal, you can do this today! 

By purchasing a Trees4Ohio specialized interest license plate for your vehicle, you help underwrite educational programs and services that directly benefit the trees of Ohio.

The plate provides one of the best member benefits; it directs readers to This site is designed for consumers looking for everything from proper pruning and mulching to how to find and hire an Ohio tree care professional. Chapter members must log in to and update their profile.

You must check “available for hire” and each of the services you provide. Your email address associated with your membership record is your user name. If you forgot your password or have not logged in before, use the “forgot my password” and an email will be sent to you with instructions. If you have questions or problems logging in, please contact the Chapter office.

The new specialized interest plate is available under Organizational Plates at  Show your support by purchasing new plates and don’t forget to update your profile so that consumers can find you!

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